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published by Coffeetown Press on August 1, 2017






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  1. I really enjoyed the first two chapters. I am struck by the fact that I could swear I know this old man in chapter 1. Good quirky dialogue. Looking forward to the rest.


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  3. Fred, i can’t say enough about the novel. It’s extremely well-written, intriguing, personal, and of course near & dear to the hearts of we who call Shelburne Falls/Charlemont home.

    Was almost a “can’t put it down” book except for the half-dozen others i was reading, and the usual stuff of life. And my own love of the movies added greatly to my enjoyment. When this is the next film made here (life imitates art imitates life) i”ll be happy to provide some of the music–My River Song about the Deerfield is a natural, includes the line “well she’s swift and quiet this time of year, an occasional gurgle as gravity carries her East, a pretty sight to say the least, over the falls then she smoothes out down there”


    • David- thank you so much for these kind words! – it means a lot to me – yes, my wish is for Robert Downey to come back to SF and play Frank in the film – and yes, your song does sound perfect… don’t know if you ever buy anything on but what is very helpful is for folks who like the book to go on there and leave a 5 star review- no need to write much, just something like you’ve written here – a lot of people pay attention to those reviews when considering whether to buy a book – but only do it if you are truly moved to do so— thanks!!!!!


  4. I just finished reading The Nutting Girl. I really enjoyed it. It was fun recognizing all the places in the story.


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